Designer Tunics – Dress for Modern Women

Tunic is the modern synonym for kurta or kurti. Ironically, this form of garment is inspired from the dressing of men and women in the early era. Its contemporary form is derived from ancient Greek and Roman attires. Today, tunics are considered as comfortable and versatile kind of outfits. They are suitable for women of any age and body type due to their vast varieties of fits and styles which are perfect for many occasions. Tunic is basically a long and loose top or dress worn by women. It is available in great range of patterns, designs, styles and colours.



Tunics basically have two forms, shirts and dresses. Tunic shirts are longer than regular ones and can be long enough to reach thighs or even knees. Tunic dresses typically end just above the knees and can be worn for casual or formal occasions too. They are very versatile and usually made up of lightweight fabric.


Tunics exhibit immense types of different patterns. Only sky’s the limit when it comes to their designs. Starting from solids in basic shades, they can have striped, chequered or geometric prints for tomboyish kind of look. They are also available in trendy animal and graphic prints. Women can wear floral or polka prints for peppy, fun-filled styles. Embellished and embroidered tunics make a fashion statement.


Tunics are styled with many kinds of sleeves such as long, 3/4th and half. They can be short sleeved or sleeveless too. Reglan, roll-on, bell and cap sleeves are some trendy forms worth a mention.


Tunics are perfect for every occasion. They are available in plenty of casual and semi-casual designs. Women can wear them to work or formal meetings and dinners. Ethnic designs are ideal for festivals and family functions. Fabulous party wear tunics have a class and elegance to them.

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Ways to Wear

Because of their loose fitting, tunics generally go well with tight bottoms. Women can choose to pair them up with leggings, jeggings, tights and slim fit jeans. They look good with knee length, 3/4th, ankle length or full length bottoms with tight fitting.


Tunics are available in great size range starting from XXS and going up as XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. It is easy to find one in bigger sizes as 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and free size. Such huge range of sizes makes them suitable for women with any body type.


There are numerous brands that produce fabulous tunics. Some of them are Global Desi, AND, Biba, Vero Moda, Remanika, Femella, Allen Solly, Soie, W, Elle, Wills Lifestyle, Chemistry and Van Heusen. Women can enjoy choosing from numerous styles which these leading brands offer.

All of these labels are available in regular markets, showrooms and malls. Online shopping is a great way to access even more brands as women can enjoy browsing through countless options and make correct choices for themselves which can be delivered to their homes.
So next time you are dressing up for a party make sure you are ready to dazzle the occasion with your tunic and become a source of inspiration for all those women who want to wear tunics but cannot.