Penomet Penis Pump Review

Penomet quotes on its site that leading competitors are quaking in their boots, well sorry Penomet I have tried your pump and I have tried Bathmate and in my opinion, you are the ones that should be quaking. Bathmate is a far superior pump and I have had outstanding results.

Bathmate in my humble opinion looks and feels like quality whereas Penomet seriously feels and looks like the poor relation.

Having used both of these pumps I feel like I know enough to talk about both equally.  Bathmate is so easy to use whereas I found Penomet less so and definitely a bit of a bother.

Penomet does nothing but talk down its leading competitors to, which the others do not. Instead, they rely on real people with real opinions. I feel like I went through quite a few problems with Penomet with a poor result versus using Bathmate where I didn’t have any problems and the results were amazing.

My wife is very happy with the results too. I have had erectile problems for the last few years and thought that our sex life was in the past. So having found something that works is great.

I can’t speak highly enough about Bathmate it really works.

Penomet had me heading to the doctors with pain and discolouration, having seen the Doc I was assured that I was not the only man to have suffered like this. Even though she had only read of this problem. I was relieved, to say the least.

Having left the idea of ever trying another pump I couldn’t help but find myself looking on the internet again and reading great reviews about Bathmate, so thought I would give it a try. Wow, the ease of use and no pain was definitely a massive plus. But it worked. I think I was just worried after the Penomet disaster. Within weeks I was definitely firing on all cylinders. It was great. I cannot thank Bathmate enough.

Having looked on the internet since the Penomet incident I have found other men who have reported the same things as me, so I thought I would try and write about my experiences and hopefully help you make an informed decision based on real people’s impressions.

I was reading on Penomets testimonials and it turns out that the people on here are affiliated with Penomet. Which to me isn’t a good thing as surely all they are worried about is earning out of this. I wish that i had looked into this further before I had purchased from Penomet, to be honest, I feel as though I have been cheated and Penomet has pulled the wool over my eyes. Surely if you have such an amazing product you wouldn’t need to pay for testimonials. You say, real people, real results. Hmm, I will have to think hard about that one Penomet.

Bathmate is truly the Ferrari of Penis Pumps it has changed my life for the better and can’t  recommend them highly enough.